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What is Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence is...
physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial and/or emotional abuse...
NEVER the victim's fault.


Examples include when a partner or caregiver:

  • Kicks, punches, slaps or harms you, pets, children or loved ones.
  • Doesn't allow you to take birth control or other medication; prevents you from seeking medical or social domestic_violenceservices help.
  • Forces you to have sex.
  • Curses, yells at or calls you names; threatens to hurt or kill you, a pet, family or friends.
  • Isolates you from family and friends.
  • Controls all or most of the finances.
  • Threatens your job security.
  • Threatens to report you to the police or have you deported.
  • Behaves possessively or exhibits extreme jealousy.
  • Misrepresents you to important people in your life.


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